The JOED January Board of Directors meeting took place on January 20th. In addition to regular business, JOED Building Committee Chairman Bob Warden presented 3 recommendations to the Board for approval.

L-R: Directors Bob Warden and Ray Evans, Chairman Jeffery T. Clark, Executive Director Mark Sutherland, Director James Maides

All 3 Building Committee recommendations were unanimously approved. They were:

  • That JOED support Project Frontier, in partnership with the City of Jacksonville and private sector partners, to yield a speculative industrial building.
  • That JOED recommend that the City participate in a public private partnership, as appropriate, in support of Project Frontier.
  • That JOED form a Finance Committee to establish a revolving loan fund, or other permanent financing structure, with protocols for enduring economic development funding in support of product development (sites and buildings) and business retention & expansion efforts.

These recommendations were the culmination of 6 months of effort by the JOED Building Committee, which began with detailed regional market analysis, course of action development, and finally recommendations to the Board today.

Our thanks to Building Committee Chairman Bob Warden, and Committee Members Melissa Anderson, Ray Evans, Royce Bennett, Ron Massey, Matt Ray, Scott Riggs, and Susan Edwards for their commitment to the work of this committee.