Good news!  According to July 2023 Site Selection Magazine, Jacksonville North Carolina is one of the top 50 cities in the US for small business development. Ranking at #22, Jacksonville is the only North Carolina city on the list. Additionally, North Carolina consistently ranks as the #1 state for business.

The article, “When being small is a big advantage”, includes the chart below, and provides an insightful look at the growth of rural areas as urban areas lose population. “While many components go into producing a top-performing small town, a recent ranking from a telecommunications data provider sheds new light on the factors that the best business locations have in common. The sixth annual ranking of the Best Small Cities for Small Business, courtesy of, identifies these six factors as critical to success:

  • Growing population.
  • Highly educated workforce.
  • Labor-friendly commute times.
  • Favorable tax climate.
  • Easy access to capital.
  • Widespread broadband access.