Proud that Onslow is home to “the largest CNC machine shop east of Greensboro,” we visited Coastal Swiss Precision in Hubert this week.

Owner Robert Fisher graciously gave us a tour, describing the capabilities of his seven CNC machines, including his newest, a half-million dollar Cincom D-25.

This new machine holds up to 59 tools that can be mounted on the machine structure, enabling simultaneous machining, and reducing the non-cutting time to achieve more productivity. (pictured below) The flexible hoses inside this machine are for continuous circulation of lubricant/coolant on the material while it is being machined.

Coastal Swiss Precision’s products serve national and international industry needs in Fire safety and fire suppression equipment, Aerospace, Communication, Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Defense and Medical. As an example, Mr. Fisher showed us components manufactured in his facility for self-checkout scanning machines for 3M and Toshiba, which are then distributed across the nation!

While machines do the majority of CNC work, the operators are vital to the process. They must create the CAD program for each new product, install the appropriate tools, calibrate the machinery for production and oversee quality.

According to, “CNC refers to computer numerical control, meaning that computerized systems take control of the machinery. The input is digital code. This controls all the tool movements and speed for spinning as well as other supporting actions like the use of coolant.” Mr. Fisher told us that while more expensive initially than using mineral oil as a lubricant and coolant, he has transitioned to using vegetable oil. Better for the environment regarding disposal, vegetable oil has also decreased cleaning time and is more easily recycled for reuse.

Business Partner Ron Springfield showed us a small sample of the products manufactured at Coastal Swiss Precision.