On Wednesday, JOED facilitated a meeting between Brian Merrion, Buxton V-P of Sales and Anthony Prinz, City of Jacksonville; Teresa Beacham, Viamark Advertising; Chris Davis, Hampton Inn; John Hunter, The Hunter Family Company; and Scott Franko, Treasure Realty. The group convened to preview Buxton’s powerful data collection and analysis tools, using multiple queries including tourism and business match analysis.

As an example, Mr. Merrion drew a “geofence” around Topsail Island and extracted data on visitors there over the past year. In the first data segment, visitors were categorized as living either WITHIN or OUTSIDE a one-hundred mile radius.

Of course, those within a one-hundred mile radius were close to the East Coast. The big surprise was that a large portion of visitors outside the 100 mile radius came from Columbus, Ohio.

Continuing this data analysis, both visitor groups had their own distinct household compositions. One group had children, the other generally did not. Ages differed between the two groups, but incomes were similar. Most importantly, each group had specific spending and information gathering preferences unique to that household composition. While one group responded best to live stream TV advertising, the other preferred email to streaming services.

Remember:  A prosperous community brings other peoples money into the area through recruiting and retaining primary jobs, and then works to keep it…..by providing goods & services that meet local demand, and limiting leakage.

Buxton is helping our community do just that.